Pregnancy Discrimination Claims in CA

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Each year thousands of pregnancy discrimination charges are filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other agencies. To discriminate against a pregnant woman, whether by refusing to hire her, refusing her a promotion, denying her benefits, or firing her, is against the law and could be grounds to file a lawsuit. Because pregnancy discrimination is a form of sex discrimination, treating a woman differently because she is or may in the future become pregnant should not be tolerated.

If you have been treated unfairly or differently from your fellow employees because you are pregnant, contact the Los Angeles employment lawyers at Reisman & Reisman. We can provide the advocacy you need to pursue justice for the discrimination you have faced. We are backed by more than 15 years of experience and are dedicated to providing you with personal legal service that meets your individual needs.

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Proving Discrimination in the Work Place

Women do not acquire any special rights for becoming pregnant; however, they are supposed to be treated equally to their fellow employees. Sometimes, proving that you have been discriminated against is not easy. An employer won’t always come right out and admit the true reason why you have not received the same treatment. Luckily, there are other ways of proving discrimination based on pregnancy.

There are numerous ways in which our attorneys can defend your claims of discrimination, including:

  • Termination for requesting maternity leave or while on maternity leave
  • Sudden changes in company policies or behaviors once you are pregnant
  • The timing of the decision and whether it coincided with your pregnancy
  • The questionable reasoning behind the employers' decision of termination
  • The treatment of other employees during this time, when compared to the pregnant woman

Even if there was no outright confession for the reasons behind your employer’s actions, a judge can still find them guilty of discrimination due to convincing support and evidence compiled by our Los Angeles employment attorneys.

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