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As an employee, you are entitled to rights, all of which must be respected by your employer. When these rights are violated, you can take legal action to seek damages. From there, we can conduct our own investigations and gather the necessary evidence to help you seek favorable results.

At Reisman & Reisman, we represent employees who have had their rights violated by their employers. Over the years, we have handled hundreds of cases. When you hire our firm, you can benefit from the following:

  • Open communication any time of day or night
  • Personalized legal strategies tailored to your situation
  • Representation across Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange County, Ventura, and San Diego.
  • 15 years of combined litigation experience

We offer a free consultation over the phone. Call (323) 430-8845 for yours.

Types of Employment Matters We Handle

Our firm has extensive experience in a wide range of employment matters, including:

  • Discrimination
  • Employee rights
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Whistleblowing
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional Trauma

We know how to protect your rights in the workplace and we navigate the legal process with you.

Questions and Answers About Our Team

You’ve been practicing law for a combined 15 years. How has this experience influenced your services?
Because we have worked at both large and small firms, we have gained experience working on different types of cases. This has made us better negotiators, litigators, and trial lawyers because we thoroughly understand how the process works.

What influenced your decision to become focused on employment law?
We like helping people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. We understand that for many their jobs may be one of the most important aspects of their lives. Making an individual's life better is much more fulfilling for us than representing big corporations in lawsuits.

You have handled hundreds of cases. Describe one that has left a lasting impression on you.
More than one has made a lasting impression. Due to losing their jobs, many of our clients are in rough financial shape. In one case, we were able to help a woman save her house from foreclosure.

In your opinion, what sets your firm apart from other firms?
We work together as a team, which not only helps us get better outcomes for our clients, but also allows our clients to get to know us and us to know them. Many firms just assign a case to one lawyer, but at Reisman & Reisman, our clients have the full team at our firm, not just a single associate.

What do you offer to clients that other firms may not?
We offer some of the best educated lawyers. We have attorneys who have studied at Berkley, the University of Pennsylvania, and USC. We also offer some of the most experienced lawyers. Many plaintiffs' lawyers have never seen a case all the way through trial.

You operate on contingency fees. How does this benefit your customers?
Unlike lawyers who bill by the hour or who charge clients for costs upfront, we don't recover any fees or costs unless we recover for our clients. For most people, the fees and costs involved in litigation are prohibitive meaning that without a contingency fee arrangement, they could never have their days in court. Also, because we're willing to risk both our time and money on our client's cases, it shows that we believe in the client and the case.

Professional Organizations

Our firm is associated with the following professional organizations:

  • California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA)
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA)

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