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Nearly everyone has insurance for one reason or another. Whether the insurance company is covering a policy for a home, vehicle, or medical situation, they have an agreement to which they must adhere. When something happens and your insurance company does not perform their duty to provide proper and timely coverage, then you may be entitled to file an insurance bad faith suit. A skilled bad faith insurance litigation attorney can help you protect your rights moving forward.

Bad faith insurance occurs when:

  • The insurance company undervalues a claim
  • The insurance company doesn't pay on a valid claim
  • The insurance company wrongfully denies liability
  • The insurance company doesn't adhere to the agreed upon policy

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How can Reisman & Reisman help me?

At Reisman & Reisman, our Los Angeles litigation attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients seek reasonable compensation to which they are entitled. You pay for insurance for a reason: to protect you in the event an emergency occurs. These policies are available to provide monetary support should something damaging happen to your home, car, persons, or anything else covered under the insurance. If the insurance company refuses to honor the terms of your coverage, they are acting in bad faith.

We utilize more than 15 years of combined litigation experience on your behalf as we seek a favorable resolution to your claim. We know that during this difficult time, it can seem that nobody is on your side. While the insurance company may have failed to protect you, rest assured that we are here to navigate the legal process on your behalf. We have handled hundreds of cases and work directly with our clients for the strongest, most personalized strategies possible. We are available day and night, so you can reach us any time. Reisman & Reisman stands by your side to protect your rights.

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