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Are You a Victim of Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment affects an employee's well-being, work performance, and even their feeling of safety. Furthermore, under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and is illegal. Sexual harassment occurs when an employee is subject to unwanted sexual advances. These advances are either severe or pervasive and alter the terms and conditions of employment by creating a hostile work environment.

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What Is Considered Sexual Harassment?

When most people think of sexual harassment, they commonly think of obvious and unwelcome sexual advances. However, sexual harassment does not need a basis in direct sexual desire by the offender. Sexual harassment also does not need to be directly targeted to the victim.

For a behavior to be considered sexual harassment by law, it must meet three criteria:

  • The conduct is unwelcome or "nonconsensual."
  • The conduct would be offensive to a reasonable person.
  • The conduct is severe or pervasive, creating an abusive or hostile work environment.

There are two types of sexual harassment in the workplace - quid pro quo, and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo, latin for "something for something," is when an employment benefit is stated or implied to be contingent on accepting or performing in sexual conduct. Hostile work environment is when an employee or employees are subjected to severe or pervasive harassment due to their sex, gender identity or gender expression.

The following are examples of behaviors legally considered sexual harassment in California:

  • Unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature, such as touching or blocking an individual's movement - Sexual assault also applies.
  • Sexual gestures or displaying visuals or objects of a sexual nature
  • Verbal statements of a derogatory nature targeted toward an individual
  • Offering workplace benefits in exchange for sexual favors
  • Threatening adverse employment action, such as demotion or termination, if a subordinate rejects sexual advances

Liability for Workplace Sexual Harassment in California

Employers can face different degrees of liability for their employee's actions in a sexual harassment case. This is dependent on the offender's position in the company and professional relationship to the victim or victims.

Employers typically face the most strict liability for sexual harassment between supervisors and directly supervised employees. Employer liability does not typically apply in case of sexual harassment between employees of equal standing, or harassment perpetrated by third parties.

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Handling Sexual Harassment Cases in Los Angeles, CA

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