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Los Angeles Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

Whether an insurance company is covering a policy for a home, vehicle, or medical situation, they are obligated to insure their clients within the parameters of the law that governs them. If your insurance company does not perform its duty to provide proper and timely coverage after an accident or disaster, an experienced bad faith insurance lawyer at our firm may be able to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

An insurance company acts in “bad faith” when it

  • Undervalues a claim
  • Does not pay on a valid claim
  • Wrongfully denies liability
  • Does not adhere to the agreed-upon policy

If you believe your insurance company acted in bad faith, call (323) 430-8845 for effective and aggressive representation. Our attorneys don't charge you a single cent unless we are successful in recovering your compensation. 

How Reisman & Reisman Can Help

At Reisman & Reisman, our Los Angeles bad faith insurance attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients seek the compensation to which they are entitled. You pay for insurance for a reason: to protect you in the event an emergency occurs. If an insurance company refuses to honor the terms of your coverage, they are acting in bad faith and should be held accountable.

Let us put our extensive trial experience to work for you. While the insurance company has failed to protect you, rest assured that we are here to navigate the legal process on your behalf and fight for a favorable resolution to your claim. We have helped hundreds of clients throughout Southern California recover damages for their losses and have won millions in verdicts and settlements on their behalf. We work directly with our clients to provide the strongest, most personalized strategies possible.

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