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Standing Up Against Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination occurs when an employer treats a qualified employee unfavorably because that employee has a disability. Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), a “disability” refers to physical or mental impairment that “substantially limits a major life activity.” Employers may not fire or demote an individual who is qualified to perform his or her required work duties on the basis of that individual being disabled. Employers are required by law to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities if requested.

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What Is Considered Illegal Disability Discrimination?

Disability discrimination can include an employer doing any of the following:

  • Failing to engage in a good-faith interactive process to determine if there is a reasonable accommodation to allow the employee to perform the essential functions of their job
  • Failing to provide reasonable accommodations for a disabled employee
  • Terminating an employee because they are disabled
  • Refusing to hire an employee based on their disability
  • Refusing to promote or train an employee based on their disability
  • Retaliating against a disabled employee after they have asked for reasonable accommodations by terminating the employee

What Is a Reasonable Accommodation?

Examples of reasonable accommodations include granting the employee an adjusted work schedule, making reasonable changes to job duties, providing appropriate technology or equipment that would help the employee complete his or her essential tasks, allowing for a finite leave of absence to help that individual recover from a medical condition, and more. However, it is important to remember that an employer is not required to make an accommodation that would cause undue hardship for the company.

Reisman & Reisman serves Southern California employees with knowledgeable legal advocacy. We can put our 20+ years of combined litigation experience to work for you if your employer has fired or demoted you because of illegal discrimination. Our track record includes hundreds of successful employment cases and millions of dollars recovered in compensation. We know what it takes to apply the law to your situation and help you fight for the justice you deserve.

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