Am I a victim of sexual harassment even if no one touched me?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Workplace harassment

When a coworker or employer engages in unwanted physical contact with you, it is a case of workplace sexual harassment. But what about situations when no one touched you? Is it possible for someone to suffer from sexual harassment when no one physically contacted them?

Sexual harassment is more common in the workplace than many people may expect. The boundaries of sexual harassment do not stop at physical contact. There are many forms of non-physical behavior that can qualify as sexual harassment.

Non-physical sexual harassment examples

Another person in the workplace can sexually harass you without ever even being in the same room. Words and other non-contact behavior can be all that is necessary for sexual harassment to take place. Methods of this harassment can include:

  • Sending sexually-based notes to you or other colleagues about you
  • Sending sexually inappropriate videos or images to you
  • Unwanted comments about physical appearances
  • Sexually gesturing towards you
  • Aggressive flirting or other sexual advances

Any act that a person engages in towards or about you that you do not consent to could be considered sexual harassment. Many victims of sexual harassment have suffered from someone who never touched them.

As an employee, you have the right to work in an environment without fear of sexual harassment or any other form of harassment. You never have to allow anyone to treat you like this, and you can take action to defend your job and yourself.

Do not write off your experience

Too many people think that because no one touched them, they cannot stop their sexual harassment, or even prove it happened. Consult with an attorney to discuss what happened to you and what you can do to make your work environment a harassment-free zone once again.